Ago G5 Vaporizer Kit – Everything Needed to Start Vaping

The Ago G5 Vaporizer kit is packed with everything a person needs to be able to puff the night away without worry. These kits are fairly inexpensive and the G5 brings about a stylish look that simply appeals to many users.

With the items included in this package, a person can unpack their kit and start smoking immediately. Everything is included to ensure that users can begin immediately.

ago g5 dry herb vaporizer

Kit Contents

The contents of the kit are of the utmost importance. They provide everything needed to begin vaping. Included within the kit is:

  • Vaporizer Pen: This pen is small and able to be brought anywhere a person wishes. There are a variety of colors to choose from and the G5 is stylish and sleek. With a great look, a person will never have to sacrifice their sense of style because of their vaping habit.
  • Battery: A battery is included that will allow users to vape for hours on end without ever needing to charge their battery again. With a long-lasting battery life and an LCD display, users will find this as the ideal upgraded feature that the newest Ago model provides.
  • Chargers: Both ta USB and a wall charger are included. This allows users to choose when and where they can charge their device. With the ability to plug it into a laptop or tablet to charge, it is possible to use less outlets and still charge a battery adequately.
  • Filter: A high quality ceramic filter is included to ensure a person never has to deal with particles being breathed in. These filters will last a long time and can be cleaned.
  • Cleaning Brush: A cleaning brush is included to allow a person to maintain their vaporizer at all times. The brush is perfectly fitted to the Vaporizer to ensure that it fits in every nook and cranny with ease.

The Ago G5 Vaporizer Kit is ideal for new users that want to give vaping a try but have been reluctant because of the cost. With everything included in the kit, a person will never have to worry that they are missing a vital piece of their vaporizer when they go to take their first puff. The filter included is great and the cleaning brush ensures a person always maintains their vaporizer no matter if they are a novice or a long time user. The two chargers included are a nice addition and ensure that users are able to charge their unit whenever they see fit.

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